The Work thats Looming




Well the talking is over, the plans are afoot and it’s time to shut up and get on with it. Our family plan of adding to our income revenue (such a homely and endearing statement!) by purchasing and then building a Hattersley single width loom in order to make Harris Tweed with it. Now is the first step that requires more than speech. It is time to build the beast.

I am not a DIY god. Indeed, I’m not even a demi-god but rather a mere mortal in the world of loom building. I have stared at these marvelous black pieces of iron work that adorn my garage floor and am dismayed that they have not had a Disney moment by leaping together accompanied by fireworks and cheery music. Neither have those lazy animals in the common grazings behind the house bothered to show up and do my work for me. So it is up to


When they are complete, the looms are a mystical world of moving parts, interweaving this simple thread in complex patterns. The rythmnic clanking of parts and steady progress of the Tweed is a wonder to behold although when it breaks down it can become a right pain in the backside apparently. How to get to this Willy Wonka ideal of seamless machinery into my garage will be one of the main topics of my blog over the comin

g month.

But one is reminded that in order to get to where we want to be, we have to cut away the thicket, tackle the mountain and ultimately believe. And what could be a better dream than a work which is available whenever you want to do it, is environmentally clean and roduces such wonderful tweed. But the first step still seems complicated and mucky. Oh well

, here goes!


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