Austerley & Kirkgordon Series


Who are Austerley & Kirkgordon?

Well for starters, they are the cover stars of my upcoming book “Crescendo!”, a ripping yarn about two paranormal investigators who chase after a mysterious music manuscript. imageThere’s dragons, wraiths, night-gaunts and some strange island locals to contend with before a theatre-like finale.

With a professional editor (Caroline Orr) and a top notch artist (Jake Clarke) on board, the pieces are all set for an October launch. However, you don’t have to wait until then to enjoy some A&K action. The prequel to “Crescendo!”, entitled “Footsteps”, is available on Wattpad and relates Kirkgordon’s first meeting with Austerley and it’s dire consequences for the both of them. It’s a tribute really to H P Limageovecraft, an author who changed fantasy with his grim worldview and dour creatures of unimagineable horror. Whilst I disagree with Lovecraft’s worldview, his writing style has been an inspiration. Fittingly, Footsteps is told as a modern day police statement, made by Kirkgordon, as the pair follow the path formerly taken by Harley Warren and Ranolph Carter.

Look out for my Crescendo! kickstarter and for the next in the series, based around the english seaside town of Dillingham. Ancient pirates and a care home form the basis for the strange goings-on in this small town. First draft completed and second draft in progress! Meanwhile the third novel brews in my subconcious.

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